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While in Dharamshala


December 11, 2013


Tashi Delek! from Dharamshala, India. I came here about a month a go to visit my parents. My dad is 91 and mom is in early 70s. Both are doing well and it is wonderful to be back in my hometown. There are so many memories in this town where I lived for about half of my life, before I moved to California. 

Dharamshala is still beautiful and the scenery of the Dhauladhar mountain ranges and extreme landscapes of hills and valleys. The weather is still good. Nice sunshine during the day and chilled evenings and mornings. Dharamshala has become or have been like this even when I was here, quite an international place. I have made a few new friends. I sometime wonder if moving to USA was the right step for me because there, it is rather difficult to meet new people like we do here; all at one place. I am also enjoying rekindling with my activist friends Tenzin Tsundue and Buchung D. Sonam, and other friends and musicians.

While I was here we had two very creative events with poetry, music and painting. The crowd were mostly foreign students who are here for study trips, but also more arts- and intellectually-inclined Tibetan youngsters.

Last night I performed here in Dharamshala for FREE SPEECH in TIBET concert with Indian Rock band Parikrama, TIPA artists, and other Tibetan performers. Here is the live concert at

Sending you all warm winter greetings from here.



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