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Planning summer tours


February 26, 2013


First, a belated Losar or Tibetan New Year greetings, Tashi Delek to everyone!

I have been busy with Michel Tyabji-la planning our West coast and Midwest tour this summer. We need to raise $7,000 as seed money for this tour. I hope you will visit the Kickstarter Campaign page and make a contribution. As you may be aware that if we don't raise this by before March 24th, we will not get a penny so I hope you will all help in this campaign in anyway you can.


I have always thought that being an artist; I would never be as busy as everyone that has a 9-5 day job. I have enjoyed full days of my own time and do what I want but lately things have changed a little. Living in America, even artists, can really get caught up in business because we need to wear so many hats as booking manager, bookkeeper, fundraiser, teacher, event coordinating and then an activist. So without sounding like a complainer, here are what I have been up to. 

On Sunday February 23rd, Emory Tibetan music ensemble students performed at the Agnas Scott College. I really enjoyed teaching these students and also my dance students. I feel they are also guardians of Tibetan music and dance. I am blessed to be their teacher. They will also participate in the Ache Lhamo performance at Emory on April 4th. We will bring 11 artists, all ex-TIPA members, to participate in this first time Tibetan opera in the south. 

I was recently in NY to part of the centennial celebration of the Declaration of Tibetan independence by the late 13th Dalai Lama. I was also part of the launching of the Tibetan National Congress, a new political group whose goal is to regain Tibetan independence. I sang at both events. I was also able to meet with some of the Tibetan musicians and artistes and lightly discussed ways on how we can recognize all the Tibetan and Himalayan artists and help in each other's work. 

I have also been very fortunate to live with a beautiful and kind couple Linda and Sam Rodriquez, who have become my family. I met them though Patrick Mahoney, in whose home I lived for a year as a guest and housekeeper. Then I have all the friends that are tied with Emory University and they all make me alive and inspire me to believe in my work. I thank them all for their support.

Best wishes,


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