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Release of Macha


August 2012

I am back from our East Coast tour For Peace In Tibet. It was a wonderful tour and I am blessed that so many positive and great things happened.

First, I am officially releasing my new all traditional instrumental album Macha. If you order Macha and my new T-shirt for $25, you will receive a free Rangzen-Free Tibet wristband. This is an exclusive offer from my website. We have three sizes of T-Shirts: L, M, S in two colors, black and white. 



You may order the T-shirts and Macha CD via PayPal below.



Our final concert was in Toronto in front of a very enthusiastic audience. I must say we played our best show there because we truly felt the energy from our devoted fans. 


There are so many people to thank for making this tour a success. A close friend donated the seed money to jump start this tour and was the reason that we pushed this tour in the first place. Michelle Weik from the TibetFest, Tim McHenry from the Rubin Museum, Phuni Meston la and her friends in Boston, to the Tibetan Canadian Community Center in Toronto and my relatives who all believed in our dream and supported our journey. We couldn't have done this without their support [PDF]. THANK YOU!

We apologize again for not being able to make it to Washington DC, because of poor advance ticket sales. We hope to visit DC in the future with proper planning.

Here are some stills photos from the tour.

Our main goal for the tour was to bring music to help heal the community from the recent tragedies in Tibet. Now, over 51 Tibetans have self-immolated for freedom in Tibet and the return of His Holiness the Dalai Lama. This news is so deep in our heart and in our being that we cannot sit still idly. My band and I are ready to tour, share music and talk about what is happening in Tibet. We need the energy from our fellow Tibetans, friends and supporters in this crucial time. Ultimately the Tibetan freedom struggle is not only ours, but a struggle of the world community who cherish peace and justice. For those of you who do not know much about Tibet and the struggle, please visit Students for a Free Tibet or Tibet Network.

We are now planning on a short tour in the Midwest and then again on the East coast in late September and in October. Please check our calendar and let us know if you can make it to the performances. 

I hope to see you all to celebrate our culture, music and honor those who have sacrificed their life for our struggle and to promise that we will never lose COURAGE! Nying Thop!

A Trilogy for Tibet

I am announcing the beginning of a project which will cover three years, 2012 through 2014, in an acknowledgement and a celebration of Tibet's 100 Years of the Declaration of Independence which occurred in 1913.

This project is very special in my heart as I plan to accomplish something which covers a broader knowledge of Tibetan music, both traditional and contemporary, for my audience.

As many of you already know, every "starving artist" seeks funding, and being that I have no record company backing me, I look to you, the people who already know of my music, to help me through this project.

As in the past, my emphasis has always been to preserve Tibetan music, and this project is no different. My goal is to compile three albums: Traditional and contemporary instrumental music, and Nangma and Thoeshae, classical songs. With these I hope to reach a broader audience with my music, which helps others learn of Tibet's past as well as the current situation which exists both inside Tibet and for all Tibetans worldwide.

I have an important story to tell and it is important that others can learn from it, but without financial assistance, I am afraid many will remain in the dark regarding Tibet's culture and its music. If the saying "with age comes wisdom" then I am beginning to feel that I am at a point in my life that I am no longer just a musician, but also have a responsibility … to share this vision, this important project … with the world.

Click here to join me in helping this vision become a reality.



In appreciation of your donation, I would like to acknowledge your gift by thanking you with the following:

$50 donation receive a Khata + one CD 
$100 donation receive a Khata + two cds, signed by Techung 
$500 and above donation, receive a Khata + all three CDs, signed by Techung. 
Bonus, Techung's own CD Yarlung Tibetan Songs of Love and Freedom + pack of Tibetan prayer flags

Best wishes,


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