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Tibetan Music Preservation Project 2022

Tibetan Music Preservation (TMP) aims to preserve and promote Tibetan traditional music through authentic recording, distribution, performance and interaction. The audio archive and collection of lyrics are made available to general public free of cost. This project is funded by a grant from the New York State Council for the Arts. We thank NY Folkloric Society for their fiscal sponsorship and supports. For past recordings of TMP, please click this link:   read more...


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Tibetan music and Indian classical dance Performance


Together they bring centuries-old culture and historical connections between Tibet and India through their music and dance. India gave birth to Buddhism but Tibet guarded its philosophy for centuries and today Tibetan masters share it with the world. 
While Tibet’s own culture and way of life is under threat, performance of music and dance celebrates the past and looks forward to the future. 
This is an essence of Tibetan and Indian performing arts celebrating life and its complexities. read more...

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