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Snow Lion Of Peace - Techung
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"Karma Sang" Techung's 2010 Losar Song

Losar Song (mp3 file) 
lyric (PDF file)


TECHUNG Songs from Tibet 

ARC Music 2012


"..Much like the Dalai Lama (who Techung has performed with), you feel a sense of inherent compassion within this record's 55 minutes.." "..Hence you have these eight beautiful and tender songs, minimally sung alongside the plucked lute (damnyen), spiked fiddle (Piwang)..." - Derek, Beres Sing Out Corporation 1-1-1007

Techung - A Compilation Of Tibetan Folk And Freedom SongsKunga Records


"A highly recommended album of Tibetan authenticity.." - Matthew Forss, Inside World Music March, 2005


Techung and Kit Walker: Sky Treasure


"Techung's most stirring instrument, however, is his 'voice'. Although he performs in his native tongue, his intentions are powerfully expressed in his emotionally saturated tenor...". - Derk Richardson Mix Media Yoga Journal, November 2001


"Techung (aka Tashi D. Sharzur) is an exceptional Tibetan musical talent... In recent years, he has written and performed dozens of new songs. While each song appears unmistakably Tibetan and traditional, they are in reality modern compositions with contemporary lyrics, often his own. Yarlung is an outstanding example of new Tibetan music that will reach a global audience." - Tenzin N. Tethong, former representative of His Holiness the Dalai Lama and "Kalon Tripa" of the Tibetan 

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Techung's Music at Bandcamp



  • Tibetan Music Preservation Project (2014-2020)

  • Tibet-Lam La Che-On The Road (2013)

  • Macha Traditional Tibetan Instrumental Music (2012)

  • Semshae: Songs from the Heart (2010)

  • Wind of Peace (2008 Ray-Light-Japan)

  • Songs from Tibet (2006 ARC Music, London)

  • TibetFest: featuring Nawang Khechog and other Tibetan Artists(2005 TibetFest)

  • Sempai Rewa: Hope in the Heart (2005 Kunga Records)

  • Techung A Compilation of Tibetan Folk and Freedom Songs (2004 Kunga Records)

  • Sergi Metok: Golden Flower (2005 Kampo Bunka Center,Japan)

  • Nyingtop: Courage (2002, Kunga Records) Sky Treasure (2001, Windtiger and Kunga Records)

  • Sky Treasure (2001)

  • Changshay: Traditional Tibetan Drinking Songs, Vol. 1 (1999)

  • Yarlung: Tibetan Songs of Love and Freedom (1997)

  • Albums with Chaksampa: Pha Yul -Native Land (2002)

  • Renewal: Contemporary Tibetan folk songs (1999)

  • "Ajo Sotop" Tibetan Freedom Concert: produced by Capital Records (1997)

  • "hJa" Rainbow Tibet: Contemporary Tibetan Music (1991)

  • An Introduction to Tibetan Music (with Tibetan Dance Company) (1989)

  • Various recordings with the Tibetan Institute of Performing Arts (1975-1987)

The name for top quality world and folk music. This company carries my music, and is also very good in promoting world music.

Television and Films 

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