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Techung is an accomplished Tibetan folk and freedom singer/songwriter, and a masterful multi-instrumentalist who hails from the vibrant town of Dharamsala, India and presently resides in upstate New York.  He creates music that navigates and weaves both the secular and sacred aspects of Tibetan culture, while capturing the soundscapes of Tibet and the profound longings of Tibetans who have endured decades of exile living in India.


Techung has more than twelve recorded albums of Tibetan folk and contemporary music to his name.  He shared the stage with numerous popular artists, including the likes of Patti Smith, Philip Glass, U2 and the Beastie Boys. At the 2018 Tibet House benefit concert held at Carnegie Hall, Techung collaborated with composer Philip Glass, who commended him as "a man of such talent representing the culture of this exiled and oppressed community."


Techung's traditional and modern performances not only aim to preserve the music of his ancestors but also strive to disseminate the rich Tibetan cultural heritage with global communities around the world. 


As an adjunct professor, Techung taught Tibetan music and dance at Emory University, and also shared his musical journey through speaking engagements and workshops at various prestigious institutions like Stanford University, Berkeley University, and St. Lawrence University in Canton, NY.



Other Quotes


 "It was a wonderful concert! I found myself smiling throughout the performance.."

Catherine Shrady, Professor Emeritus, St. Lawrence University 

"...The show was a treat for those unfamiliar with Tibetan culture. Your message of peace and hope resonated with all.”

Tsewang Lama

"..It was wonderful to see Techung and ensemble playing some of the all time favorite Nangma Toeshey songs, many of which we have grown up listening to.."

Tencho Gyatso, International campaign for Tibet


" ..We are proud that you are keeping alive our classical music from Lhasa, Nangma and Toeshey" Katrin Che!

Tenzin Bharshee, Capital-Area Tibetan Association

"..Then there was Tibetan freedom folk singer Techung, whom Glass also supported on piano.."

Ronald Hart, BillBoard 

"Techung is an accomplished singer/musician and his voice and music has been featured on the soundtrack of the IMAX film, “Everest.” He has also performed for His Holiness the Dalai Lama..."

BY ALVIN REINER Press-Republican


Past Comments:

"Yarlung-Tibetan Songs of Love and Freedom" is an outstanding example of new Tibetan music that will reach a global audience".

Tenzin N. Tethong, former representative of His Holiness the Dalai Lama

"His eyes are as hauntingly serene as his voice, singing of a homeland he has never seen.."

Phillippine Star: World music under the stars 


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Drakto Karpo- Rocky Mountain Mix 2 MTechung
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