Techung's concert at Kaufman Music Center was a rare opportunity for New Yorkers to hear the classical Tibetan music genres Nangma and Toeshay. Techung and his ensemble are masters of the style, and their explanations of the songs' lyrics and significance made them much more accessible for a non-Tibet audience. Techung and his ensemble are leaders in the struggle to preserve Tibetan art and culture, and we were grateful for the chance to attend their concert and support their efforts.


Rex Niswander, GLP Music

Techung and the Tibetan Ensemble performance (June 4, 2022) was a wonderful experience with an important cultural tradition. I appreciated when Techung  expounded on the cultural significance and meaning of the music they played. In addition to the  wonderful music, the cultural dances were beautiful additions to the performance. I encourage  listeners to seek them out, you’ll be enriched for your efforts. Thanks.

Vijay R. Nathan

"The Truth to Power Show" on Radio Free Brooklyn

On behalf of the Capital-Area Tibetan Association, I thank you and your ensemble for the wonderful concert on Sunday, June 5, 2022 in Virginia. It takes a lot of effort to do what you do. We are proud that you are keeping alive our classical music from Lhasa, Nangma and Toeshey.


Katrin Che!

Tenzin Bharshee

Capital-Area Tibetan Association

It was wonderful to see Techung-la and ensemble playing some of the all time favorite Nangma Toeshey songs, many of which we have grown up listening to.


Tencho Gyatso

International campaign for Tibet

We had a blast - my son gave up being a grouchy teenager and took off his headphones and really enjoyed the whole show! For me it was a really memorable occasion, I can't even tell you.


Dan Haig

Musician and friends of Tibet

As a Tibetan, it’s extremely important for us to preserve and protect our own unique artistic heritage, especially for our future generations.  I’m deeply impressed and grateful for Techung lak and his team's brilliant performance of Nangma Toeshey in Virginia, a music genre that is native to my hometown, Lhasa.  This special event paves the path forward towards safeguarding and preserving our unique art and cultural heritage.  Personally, it brought me profound joy and nostalgic memories of my sacred city/land.

Pasang Yangkyi

Radio Anchor