The following comment is in Tibetan and is sent by a fan of Techung from Tibet. English translation coming soon.


ལར་ཁྱེད་ཀྱིས་བཏང་བའི་གཞས་དག་ནི་བོད་ཀྱི་སྲོལ་རྒྱུན་རིག་གནས་ཀྱི་ཞི་བ་དང་འཇམ་པ། ལྷོད་པ་དང་བག་ཡངས། ནང་སེམས་ལ་ཞི་བདེ་དང་བརྩེ་བས་ཁྱབ་པར་བྱེད་པའི་གླུ་གཞས་ཤ་སྟག་ཡིན་པ་གང་ཞིག་ལ། ད་རེས་ཀྱི་མཛའ་གཞས་༼ཡིད་འཕྲོག༽ཅེས་པ་འདིས་ང་ལ་དམིགས་བསལ་གྱི་ཚོར་བ་ཟབ་མོ་ཞིག་སྟེར་ཡོང་དོན་ནི། ཁོ་བོས་བསམས་ན། དེ་ནི་ཁྱེད་ཀྱི་བརྩེ་བས་ཕྱུག་པའི་གླུ་སྐད་སྙན་མོ་དང་། དབྱངས་རྟ་ཡི་འགྱུར་ཁུག །གཞས་ཚིག་གི་མཚོན་ཐབས། རྒྱབ་ལྗོངས་ཀྱི་རོལ་མོ་སོགས་གླུ་གཞས་རྩ་ཆེན་ཞིག་ལ་འཛོམས་དགོས་པའི་ཆ་རྐྱེན་རྣམས་ཆུ་ལ་ཆུ་བཞག་པ་ལྟར་གཅིག་ཏུ་འདྲེས་ཤིང་དབྱེར་མེད་པས་རེད་སྙམ། གང་ལྟར་གཞས་འདི་ང་རང་ཆེས་དགའ་སའི་མཛའ་གཞས་དེ་རེད་ལ། འདི་ཡང་ང་དང་ང་འདྲ་བའི་ཁྱེད་ཀྱི་གླུ་གཞས་ལ་དགའ་མོས་བྱེད་མཁན་མང་པོ་ཞིག་གི་ཆོག་མི་ཤེས་པའི་སྒྱུ་རྩལ་གྱི་ལོངས་སྤྱོད་འབའ་ཞིག་ཏུ་འགྱུར་སྲིད་དོ།།


༢༠༡༩ ཟླ་བ་ ༣ ཚེས་པ་ ༢༦

I very much enjoyed the Peace for Tibet concert at the Neptune theatre. The music was very inspirational and expressed the determination and spirit of people who call Tibet home. The songs expressing appreciation to India were heart warming. India is rarely given notice beyond what they produce and the struggles across the county.


It is always a different day and situation for each person there. I felt that music showed appreciation to Indians in all walks of life and situations.


- Ravi Rao, Seattle, Washington, Sept. 2013

Techung's voice has an exquisite quality, which blends magically with his variety of stringed instruments. While listening to the accompaniment of his extremely gifted musicians, one can be transported to a different place and time. We were fortunate to see this group in a small venue in Olympia, Washington. The audience was an eclectic mixture of young and old, and all there seemed to be mesmerized by the performance from beginning to end. The content of their songs invoke a strong spiritual sense of loving kindness, compassion and awareness along with feelings of courage, longing for one's homeland and a great love and respect for H.H. Dalai Lama. Some of their other songs were playful and spoke of love and happiness and had the audience on their feet clapping and moving to the music. I highly recommend that you take the opportunity to attend a Techung concert. I guarantee you will come away feeling very inspired and uplifted.

- Claire Williams, Olympia, Washington, Sept. 2013


I was asked to comment on experience of attending Techung's concert in Olympia on August 17 and the following comments reflect that event:

The Olympia concert exceeded any expectations that I had about Techung and his group of gifted musicians Although the songs were sung in the Tibetan language I felt powerful emotions. While all the musicians were wonderful and I loved hearing the indigenous Asian instruments, the instrument that moved me most was Techung's voice. He has one of the most beautiful voices I've heard. It evoked compassion, beauty, joy, and longing. From the evocative songs yearning for a homeland to the raucous and joyous last song that had us all on our feet I was totally involved in the entire experience and left the theater uplifted.

- Marianne Larson, Olympia Washington, September 2013


Huge fan of Techung! Him and his band were amazing in LA. - Milla Cochran  



Jhola I really liked the band you have put together. You are a phenomenal singer and the music is very well placed. You have a great team. Good seeing you too and my very best wishes. - Tsering Youdon

Thoroughly enjoyed your music in New Orleans. I uploaded to youtube a very short video I took. Can you please tell me the name of the song? Beautiful. - Gina Nagy

I thoroughly enjoyed your music and meeting you at the US Mint in New Orleans. Please post if you will be in Mexico! - Janet Akers

Thank you for your great music! - John Bruegger 

A beautiful and moving performance in New Orleans last weekend -- thank you so much. - Julie Arseneau 

I am a Chinese, I am proud of you too. - David Fan 

Your performance was wonderful at the Arena. My friend Michael, who speaks Tibetan, translated the words as they were being sung. Quite beautiful and moving. Thank you so much for coming to New Orleans. I wasn't able to make the show at the Mint. I heard it was quite spectacular. - Tashi Delek Gael Thompson

We very much enjoyed your music! - Beth Hardison

I want to thank you for making the long trip to Rockport and for putting on an amazing performance. For starters, my family are now among your groupies. Dad was wearing his "Courage" t-shirt today, I was wearing my "Freedom" bracelet, and we had your CD playing during a BBQ at my parent's home today. We woke up this morning watching Techung performing Courage (my favorite song) on Youtube (Techung in Paris). My dad was telling his sister and brother in law about the amazing performance at today's BBQ and showing off his CDs and T-shirt! 

It was quite a sight having everyone in the theater on their feet clapping and dancing to that final song. They saw the vision of peace in Tibet and around the world. They will share that vision with their friends and family and we will have a full theater on your return visit.


My son Alan and his cousins Tessa and Ella loved the performance. They told me they liked the instruments (Alan loved the bongos as usual!), and they really liked the slideshow. I think the slideshow helped bring another dimension to the audience to help them relate to the Tibetan people. It is so important for people to realize that there is a whole culture and people behind the image of the Dalai Lama. Everyone knows his image, but few know that there are thousands of real people affected by Chinese occupation - both in Tibet and around the world. - Patrick Curley

So grateful for you in New Orleans. I'm still telling everyone about your powerful performance. - Julie Arseneau 

Thank you for putting on such a wonderful concert in Rockport. It was pure magic. - Marilyn Pennell

Techung, I loved your show at the University of New Orleans Arena. I would love to know the names of your first two songs. They were my favorite. - Jirina Fiala

You and your band were fantastic tonight! Your voice is astounding, especially when you and your band did the acapella song at the end!! Your sense of humor was also very funny & endearing. Keep up all your marvelous work! - Talbott Lin