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East Coast tour


July 2012

I am excited and anxious that I am going on an East Coast tour in two weeks. The whole purpose of the tour is to promote Tibetan music and find peace in my native country, Tibet. Our tour is titled "For Peace in Tibet" Please check tour dates in the Tour section of my website.

My band and I are releasing two new cds: Lam La Che (On the Road) featuring three time GRAMMY winning Blues Artist Keb¡Š Mo' and Tibetan/Chinese dissident poet Woeser. Learn more about this album here at

My second solo album Macha is all traditional instrumental music, due out on July 14, available on This album begins a new journey for me as it is my first all-instrumental CD, and I do hope you enjoy it. You may be asking yourself, "Why would Techung produce such an album when it is his voice that I enjoy listening to?" The answer lies in my search to hold on to one of Tibet's many treasures, music.

Tibetan music has reached deep down into our souls for centuries and I fear that it may become lost altogether if it isn't accessible and readily available in the community and the global market. For this reason, I wanted to focus on the basic fundamentals, the true essence of Tibetan music and bring it to the forefront for the world to hear.

I feel so uplifted in creating these albums and do hope that you too are inspired while listening to the new albums.

I am thrilled to learn that Woeser la, our poet who is under house arrest in Beijing, had written an article about my music. Check out the article in my press section.

As it is, our tour is mainly organized by ourselves with the help of community members and friends. Since, our budget is low and organic, it is very important for us to ask you, our friends and fans, to spread the word about our concerts. We are donating a portion of the tour income to a human rights organization. If you have any ideas, comments or suggestions on the tour, do contact me.

My new T-shirt Courage - Nyingtop Nam Yang Mashoom is here. This is my first time to make a T-shirt with my logo and name on it. T-shirts are $15 +(S&H $5). We have three sizes: L, M, S in two colors, B&W.

You may order the T-shirts via PayPal below.


I hope to see you all soon.

Tickets are available at

A Trilogy for Tibet


I am announcing the beginning of a project which will cover three years, 2012 through 2014, in an acknowledgement and a celebration of Tibet's 100 Years of the Declaration of Independence which occurred in 1913.

This project is very special in my heart as I plan to accomplish something which covers a broader knowledge of Tibetan music, both traditional and contemporary, for my audience.

As many of you already know, every "starving artist" seeks funding, and being that I have no record company backing me, I look to you, the people who already know of my music, to help me through this project.

As in the past, my emphasis has always been to preserve Tibetan music, and this project is no different. My goal is to compile three albums: A Traditional and contemporary instrumental music, and Nangma and Thoeshae, classical songs and reach a broader audience with my music which helps others learn of Tibet's past and will enlighten them on the current situation which exists both inside Tibet and for all Tibetan's worldwide.

I have an important story to tell and it is important that others can learn from it, but without financial assistance, I am afraid many will remain in the dark regarding Tibet's culture and its music. If the saying "with age comes wisdom" then I am beginning to feel that I am at a point in my life that I am no longer just a musician, but also have a responsibility ... to share this vision, this important project ... with the world.

Click here to join me in helping this vision become a reality.



In appreciation of your donation, I would like to acknowledge your gift by thanking you with the following:

$50 donation receive a Khata + one CD 
$100 donation receive a Khata + two cds, signed by Techung 
$500 and above donation, receive a Khata + all three CDs, signed by Techung. 
Bonus, Techung's own CD Yarlung Tibetan Songs of Love and Freedom + pack of Tibetan prayer flags

I am also excited to tell you that I will be starting to teach Tibetan music online via Skype or Google Chrome. If you are interested in learning Dramyen, Long-neck Tibetan lute, Piwang, Tibetan violin or singing or Namthar, Tibetan opera signing, do contact me through my website and I will schedule a class.


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