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Travels in Europe and India


November 24, 2015


My band and I had a fantastic concert in Prague on October 17. The support for Tibetan culture and the Tibet movement in this city is beyond my imagination. I would like to thank Blanka Kucerova for inviting us for the second time to her beautiful city and to the members of the Potala Foundation for their support in this tour. My band and I enjoyed it thoroughly. Here are some cool photos from Prague, thanks to photographer Ya Noya. 

After that, my girlfriend Sisa Salgado and I visited Vienna for a few days as well as the beautiful city of Paris. Then we went to Barcelona with my old friend from TIPA, Tenzin Gonpo. Tenzin and I grew up together and shared the stage on many local and international tours with the Tibetan Institute of Performing Arts in India. He has been one of the few dedicated Tibetan artist from TIPA still performing and sharing his arts. 

Sisa, Tenzin and I did a concert at the Casa Tibet in Barcelona, titled "Natural World". Our event was organized by our friend Villy Jandro. The concert was a very special one, and the mixed crowd of Tibetans and Barcelonians enjoyed our concert of Indian classical dance performed by Sisa Salgado, and traditional and opera performed by Tenzin and myself. Thank you Villy Jandro and Geshe Wangchen la, Director of Casa Tibet, and the wonderful staff there.

After this, we went to India to visit my parents in Dharamshala, India. Although it was a short trip, we enjoyed spending time with my folks and catching up with dear friends. 

I would like to share a good news about my band. We have a new name: Techung and the Wind Horses in addition to a new album and a new website. Our new album, Tashi Sho: Good Luck, Good Life, will be officially released in January 2016. 

Please visit

We hope that you will help promote our new album to your friends and family. Please share the link above.

Thank you and have a happy Thanksgiving.

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