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Trip to Nepal


November 2009


Hello all,

I hope you are enjoying the fall weather. The Bay Area is almost like summer; we are having such warm weather in the past few days. 

I just got back from Nepal. I was there to professionally record an album and video documentary of Bu Dhola, an elderly Tibetan folk singer. I know Bu Dhola from way back in Dharamshala. I was also there to look into the possibility of starting a Tibetan music school. My trip was funded by the Door Dog Music Production of San Francisco who organizes the San Francisco World Music Festival. Their upcoming Youth Festival will be on November 22 in San Francisoco, and I will be doing a small performance. 

Since I got back from Nepal, I have been rehearsing with Chaksampa for their 20th anniversary performance on November 21. The event will be held at Oakland's Historic Ball Room. Another important event that is taking place in December is the 50th anniversary of the Tibetan Institute of Performing Arts (TIPA) in Dharamshala. This is the school where myself and many Tibetan children learned Tibetan musical traditions. I am quite positive that I will be attending the event. 

Before I went to Nepal, I had a couple of weeks to work on mixing and mastering Semshae: Songs from the Heart, a Tibetan Children's music album. The album is now completely done with 16 songs. Now I have to work on the design and distribution of the CD. I still need to raise funds to manufacture and distribute the CD, and I hope you can donate to the project through the Dalai Lama Foundation

In Nepal I was honored to meet Ani Choying Dolma la, who is a great devotional singer and a social worker. She is such a big star in Nepal. She is not much recognized in the Tibetan community for her contributions, but her work in Nepal is so important to Nepalese and Tibetan people. She is an inspirational and extraordinary nun. Please visit her website to find out more about Ani La's life.

Finally, as you know, my song "Yitok-Beloved", a remix, won 2009 Best Love Song award at the Music Tibet Tibetan Music Awards. This is a song many people have not heard. If you like to hear it and download please visit my MySpace page.

Thanks for visiting my website.


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