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Echoes from the Himalayas: Tibetan music & Indian classical dance.

Singer/musician Techung is one of the foremost Tibetan musicians and a composer. Born to a refugee parents, he grew up in Dharamsala, a small town in northern India.

Techung has performed in many countries in Asia, Europe and Americas. His songs are greatly loved by the general public and performed & re-recorded by musicians both in exile and inside Tibet. Many of his songs have now become classics and consequently he has influenced a new generation of Tibetan musicians. Whether performing traditional or contemporary songs, Techung's dual purpose has always have been to revive Tibetan music in the Tibetan community and to promote the rich performing tradition of his homeland to a wider audience around the world.

He has also provided original scores for films and collaborated with world-renowned musicians such as Phillip Glass, blues master Keb Mo. Along with such musicians as Patti Smith, Iggy Pop and others Techung has performed at the famous Carnegie Hall in New York City.

His voice and music echoes the sights & sounds of the snow mountains and blue skies.

Ecuadorian actress, Sisa Salgado, fell in love with Indian classical dance, particularly Bharatanatyam, which is considered one of the most sophisticated and graceful dance-art in the world.

Sisa studied dance from many Indian masters and has performed in South America, Asia, Europe and the US.

Together they bring centuries-old culture and historical connections between Tibet and India through their music and dance. India gave birth to Buddhism but Tibet guarded its philosophy for centuries and today Tibetan masters share it with the world.

While Tibet’s own culture and way of life is under threat from the Chinese occupation, performance of music and dance celebrates the past and looks forward to the future.

This is an essence of Tibetan and Indian performing arts celebrating life and its complexities.

Possible Programs

• Live Performance:


Techung’s music weaves traditional and contemporary Tibetan music that reflects tunes of the Tibetan nomads and sounds of noble men; and Sisa’s performance with elaborate costumes display Indian dance and movements telling sacred stories of Indian mythology such as Mahabharata and Ramayana.

Duration 45 min - 1 hour

• Lecture & Music Workshop:


Introduction to the traditional Tibetan music and musical instruments, including Dranyen and Piwang. Basic singing and technique of playing above instruments.

Duration 1 - 3 hour

• Lecture & Music Workshop:


Introduction to the traditional Tibetan music and musical instruments, including Dranyen and Piwang. Basic singing and technique of playing above instruments.

Duration 1 - 3 hour

• Lecture & Dance Workshop:


Introduction to the Indian classical dances; its history, steps and techniques, including mudras (hand gestures) and basic introduction to Karnatic music.

Duration 1 - 3 hour

What People Are Saying


"I had the pleasure of working with Techung, the young Tibetan singer at a recent concert at Carnegie Hall (February 3,2009). He is a highly gifted singer, bursting with talent and personality. I think he is an unusually attractive performer and clearly has the potential to appeal to an audience far beyond the ethnic Tibetan community who already know him quite well. A young man of such talent representing the culture, as it were, of this exiled and oppressed community, could very well have the effect of bringing greater attention to the problems faced by Tibetans living inside and outside of Tibet. 

"I wish him and those who support him the very best success."


Philip Glass ~ Composer


"Techung (aka Tashi D. Sharzur) is an exceptional Tibetan musical talent: rigorously trained as an opera "star" by the grand masters of Lhamo, the traditional opera, at the Tibetan Institute of Performing Arts, and with the a life-long background in Tibetan folk music. In recent years, he has written and performed dozens of new songs. While each song appears unmistakably Tibetan and traditional, they are in reality modern compositions with contemporary lyrics, often his own. "Yarlung-Tibetan Songs of Love and Freedom" is an outstanding example of new Tibetan music that will reach a global audience."


Tenzin N. Tethong ~ Former representative of His Holiness the Dalai Lama to the United States

"Techung and Sisa gave an amazing performance filled with grace and beauty that encompasses human connection through music and its ability to lift human spirit across cultural. My family and friends were mesmerized each time we are blessed to have them here in Boston"


Kim Phuni Meston ~ Karma Fine Crafts

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