Past Projects

Semshae: Heart Songs - Tibetan music for children


In 2009-10, with the help of my advisory board members, I produced a music album titled Semshae: Heart Songs to teach Tibetan language and art through music.

Semshae: Heart Songs features contemporary songs that teach children some of the basic vocabulary of the Tibetan language, and most importantly, the word for "peace". The lyrics are sung in Tibetan and English and are transcribed phonetically in the enclosed booklet. The CD is available for purchase and download at

A French version of the CD booklet is available here [PDF].

MACHA instrumental music project

While teaching Tibetan music at Emory University, I worked on a CD of a traditional instrumental music titled Macha, meaning "peacock". I dedicated that album to the late Kungo Maya Lama la who hailed from a Tibetan musical family known as MACHA. The album is now part of the new album Tibet-Lam La Che (On The Road)by ARC Music, UK.

Project donors: Tashi Dhondup and Lhakpa Keyzom USA, Tamsin Haggis UK, Sonam Tshedzom Tingkhye US, Elena Mulholland UK, Esther Adams US, Kathryn Burlinson UK, Daniel Shorr US. Thank you all for your donations and kind support.